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Telegram Channels for Health
Telegram channels to an extent can be compared to websites of the internet. We have compiled a list of best and most renowned telegram channels that gives best tips and advices about health.
These channels are managed by experts who are well known for their helpful recommendations and advices.
So why not check these custom curated list of telegram channels yourself and start following the one that aligns with your health goal the best.
Telegram Groups for Health
The Telegram Groups that are listed on our website have been compiled after evaluating numerous telegram groups on various stringent criteria. We followed a strict shortlisting procedure so that you be only part of those telegram groups that are best for your health.
Just take a look at the hand-picked telegram groups for health and be a part of the one you like the most.

Telegram Bots for Health
Have a question? Need some suggestion or just any health related query? The bot feature of telegram allows you to shoot any health related question to them and these bots can give you some good advices.
As a user you must know that telegram bots are not a substitute to qualified health professionals like doctor and you shouldn’t follow the advice of bots blindly, but yes these bots are capable of giving some good guidance.
The curators of our website has compiled most reliable and active telegram bots that can potentially become your health partner. So, go ahead and start interacting with one of them.


elsewere 03/10/2021 Members


New York 21/03/2021 Members Members


Berlin 03/02/2021 Members Members

NoFap Gap

Tehran 05/10/2020 Members Members

Bio streaming

Australia 27/08/2020 Members Members

Nofap Rebirth

Brasil 29/12/2019 Members Members


worldwide 31/10/2019 Members Members
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