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Dear All,
I hope this communication finds you well.

I kindly invite you to look at our project ( We are launching the first asset tokenisation initiative in South America in order to develop Gold Mining ventures. This is a security token offering, where token holders shall have ownership of an underlying asset which will be the equity shares of a SPV in Ecuador that allows holders to possess shares on a digital form. For this we are covering both on chain (M4M token holders) and off-chain ownership (with a pledge shares agreement of a registered gold concession in Peru in favour of the SPV that shall be tokenized). We are fully permitted and registered.

The STO is to be launched by a crowdfunding champaign powered by blockchain, with a fair initial value in the Polygon network. After we reach our soft cap to cover the capex for retaining the mining exploration services, tokens will be released to buyers, and we shall advance the exploration stage on the asset.

In the platform, users will be required, in compliance with digital regulations, to go through the AML & KYC registration  More than welcome to join 🎉

Thanks for your time! Kind Regards,

Angel Puente Reyes

*Please DYOR and carefully review our White Paper.

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