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Telegram Popularity Spreading At An Unimaginable Rate. Why?

Telegram is a free instant messaging app, with hundreds of millions of users around the world.

Telegram provides a means for fast and secure messaging and calls.  Messages, photos, videos, and files can be sent to unlimited numbers of people.  It is suitable for both personal and business use. Telegram is cloud-based, allowing users to access their messages from multiple devises at the same time, including computers and tablets. Telegram also remains completely ad free.

Despite competition from a growing number of messaging apps, Telegram remains an extremely popular choice.  Reasons for its popularity include those listed above, but delving further into the reasons for its continued popularity reveals three key features:  telegram groups, channels, and bots.

All about the telegram groups

Telegram groups are potent communication tools, ideal for small groups such as family members keeping each other up to date with the latest family news to public groups supporting up to 200,000 members each.  Messages can be accessed from any mobile or desktop device. Messages are easily found using the instance search feature. The mention feature allows users to involve several people in a chat by simply mentioning them in the conversation.  Those mentioned will receive smart notifications informing them of the chat, giving them the opportunity to quickly respond. Files up to 1.5GB can be sent and received instantly. Telegram allows users to create groups and share group invitation links on various social media channels.  Clicking on these links allows users to join the group.

Telegram groups allow individuals to keep in touch with friends, make money, advertise their business, etc.  The list is endless. No matter where your interests lie, there are multiple groups out there for you. Groups range for crypto currency groups for those interested in staying in tune with the latest trends in the crypto world to those looking to make connections with other academics to those looking to make connections with people in their own language. There are many different categories of Telegram groups that you can find on the site.

Telegram users

A strong connection between all the telegram users in the world

All on the telegram channels

Telegram channels provide a means for broadcasting messages to even larger audiences.  Channels have the ability to support an unlimited number of subscribers. Messages posted in a channel are signed with the channel’s name and not the user’s.  Every message in a channel has a view counter, which is updated each time a message is viewed. Like groups, channels exist for every imaginable niche; it is simply a matter of doing a simple search.  To facilitate the search process, lists of available channels can easily be found in our site.

The third feature appreciated by Telegram users is the ability to customize using bots.  Bots are third-party applications running inside Telegram, which users interact with by sending them messages, commands, and online requests.  

All about telegram bots

Bots have a multitude of uses.  They can act as a newspaper customized to your interests, sending you updated content as soon as it is published.  They are also capable of interacting with other services such as Gmail, YouTube, Wiki, etc., bringing in additional content to your chats.  Bots are able to offer paid services or operate as a storefront. They are customization tools capable of providing various services such as weather forecasts and language translations.  Bots also create online games of all types, including single player, multiplayer, arcade, strategy, etc. The only limitation is your imagination. Additionally, bots are proficient in connecting people looking for other individuals around the world who share the same interests.  In short, the usage of bots is limited only by the user’s creativeness.

Bots differ from human users in that they have no online status and limited cloud storage, (Find the 7 most cool and useful bots here). They are not able to initiate conversations. Users must either add them to a group or send a bot a message first.  

All of these features continue to entice users to the Telegram app, allowing it to retain its popularity in the face of great competition.

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