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Telegram offers us more features

Improved live locations and playlist sharing, multiple pinned messages, and channel analytics

Just when we thought Telegram was a super cool messaging app, it gets even cooler.  The Telegram mobile and desktop messaging app now offers its users a useful and fun set of new features, making it even more versatile.

We can now more easily find live locations and share playlists with them, pin multiple messages, and see the stats of our channel activities. To add even more fun, we now get a bunch of the neatest emojis ever – Happy Halloween!

One of the best features of Telegram is its Live Location feature that allows sharing your location. It has been enhanced by the new Live Location 2.0 version to receive alerts when someone nearby is sharing their live location, and you can set more attributes, like proximity. Not only this, but using the music-sharing Playlist option, you can now share the playlist of another Telegram user in your proximity (if they allow it).

Group and channel admins now have the ability to pin a bunch of messages to share with your buddies in one go. Instead of pinning a single longer message, you can pin a few smaller, more focused messages to get the attention of the members of the group or channel. This multiple pinned message feature is also available in personal chats.

It is indeed interesting to see the analytics of your activity. Channel admins have a new feature that allows them to check out the stats of activity on their channel, such as data on viewing and forwarding certain messages. They can also see the channels on which a message has been shared, including public channels.

In the spirit of Halloween, Telegram has given us animated emojis to wow our members. On Android, we even have an emoji of a slot machine.

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