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Optimize Crypto Promotion with Telegram

While the evolution of sales models keeps pointing to the development of online sales, the community around blockchain is no exception.

 a secure platform that offers the ability to have encrypted conversations – is developing a blockchain version, and therefore, here are a few tips to optimize your use of Telegram for the needs of improving crypto sales and promotion. 

Telegram offers access to different channels and groups. The main difference between those is that groups give the ability to post comments, enabling users to build a network, and therefore have a stronger effect. ICOspeaks has a strategy of sales and marketing that operates through Telegram, by connecting investors and blockchain startups using such groups and channels.  

To establish similar strategies you should first make sure that your goals are well defined: increase of direct sales, promotion of your product, increase of website traffic and prospects, etc. Having your goals defined will enable you to know whether you are targeting channels, groups or both, and therefore, establish the appropriate marketing strategy.


Indeed, channels are a perfect platform to relay advertisements, as posts in public channels are displayed to an unlimited number of subscribers and even to targets that are not using Telegram. However, while this kind of strategy meets the same limits as any other sort of cold marketing, groups are here to fill the gaps by enabling relationship building between members and instant reactions from potential prospects, enabling constant improvement of the product. It is also possible to determine a strategy that would include posting in both channels and groups. 

In addition of posting in existing groups and/or channels, your strategy may include the opening of a new Telegram channel or group, with the hope of gathering your own crypt community. If so, particular attention should be made to the different types of members composing your future community, and their specific needs. First the spectators: they are the ones observing the behavior of this emerging market and therefore, the community should provide them with basic knowledge and information on the subject. Then the contributors: they are the ones that will be providing spectators with the required information, most of the time as they are building their own crypto project. They should be considered as pairs. Finally the speculators, who are here to take advantage of the system and should therefore be tracked down, to ensured the reliability of your community. 

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