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How To Open A Group In Telegram

Telegram has rose in popularity in the past few years. Although often touted as a clone of the instant messaging WhatsApp, owned by the tech giant, Facebook, Telegram does have features help it in standing apart from the other IMs on the block.

We know that being able to create groups of our contacts, has been a feature of messaging apps, for a very long time. In Telegram, you can add up to 200 people to your group (and 50000 people, if you have a supergroup), and effectively communicate with other members of the group using replies, mentions, and hashtags.

Creating a group, is no big task. All you need to do, is follow these simple steps to have your own group up and running in no time.

  1. Open Telegram and tap on the pen symbol in the bottom-right corner.


2. Tap on “New group”.

telegram new group 3. Select the contacts that you want to make members of the group.

add people telegram group4. Type a name for your group.

You can use emojis to make it catchy and funky or you can also set a display picture to make it stand out in the app.

enter telegram group name 

5. Tap on the check icon in the top-right corner, and your group will be created.

Managing the group –

Once your Telegram groups has been created, you can still change its name and display picture, add or remove group members and do other things like make a regular member an admin of the group.

This can be done by going to the group info.

To open group info –

  1. Open Telegram.
  2. Tap on your group.
  3. The group will open. Now, tap on its title.
  4. Group info will be opened.

While starting a group is a pretty easy task, the tough task is to keep the group alive and productive for all the members. The constant and marginal influx of forwarded messages in a group, can lead the members to muting it, or leaving it (which is justified).

To prevent this from happening, you should keep an eye on the messages shared in the group, and reprimand members who share unnecessary/irrelevant messages in the group.

With a new cryptocurrency “gram”, about which, information was leaked last month, Telegram is aiming to skyrocket its image. If you aren’t on it yet, it’s high time that you gave it a shot. We assure you that the interface, the ability of interacting with bots developed by third-party developers, creating channels, and much more, will end up making it your favorite IM app.

That’s all that we have for today. Do tell us about your queries and experiences related to Telegram in the comment section below.

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