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Google has gone and done it again!

Google has added to its pile of functionalities, the ability to schedule a chat or to send a text message through its Google Messages app

Around about this time, Google is gradually starting to offer users of their Google Messages app another feature: the capability to schedule sending a text message. Basically, this RCS messaging replaces sending an MSS with a subject and now it has been upgraded to allow scheduling. Yes, scheduling can already be done in Gmail and in messaging apps like Telegram but now (or soon) you’ll have a useful dialog box in Google Messages with options to use a preset time and date to send a message you prepare beforehand or to enter a custom time and date schedule for sending it. Of course, your phone needs to be connected at the time.     

Don’t fret if the feature doesn’t appear on your app yet – it soon will. Google is just starting to roll out the feature. To check if you have it already, hold down the Send button in a chat. If you have it, this should open the dialog box mentioned above.

A scheduled message will appear in your chat in the form of a Preview that you can click and make changes if you wish. 

Notice that you can add a subject line in the overflow menu on the chat.  

Think about the benefits.  For example, you absolutely don’t want to forget your mother’s birthday, so you prepare a Happy Birthday message for her and schedule to send it exactly as she wakes up on her birthday. You can prepare a message to a business partner in case you forget to do so later, like a reminder about an appointment. 

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