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Security & Privacy.  Not on Telegram

What makes a social media app successful?  Usability?  Multiple features – maybe…  All this is fine and good but, ultimately, what sustains an app is its security.

Telegram is a very cool app and has many uses but tight-clad security is not one of its best features.

If you regularly use Telegram, you may want to uninstall it after reading some of the reasons why. The founder, Pavel Durov, may argue against all of the anti-security claims made here but facts are facts.

Telegram doesn’t guarantee your privacy. To ensure encryption, you have to activate “secret chat” for each contact you have.  If someone not on this list contacts you, the communication with that person is not secure.

As you know, you need to grant access to a contact on Telegram, who, consequently, has access to each of them for their own purposes. Ok, so this is common practice but Telegram does not do this anonymously.  Similarly, your metadata is out there for suspicious use.

Telegram has become the messaging app of choice for many unsavory elements, like Nazi sympathizers and conspiracy theorists. Why doesn’t Telegram simply remove them?

One of the most versatile features of Telegram is its ability to reach a large number of people so it is often used to mobilize crowds but, be aware, it has been reported that the data is not secure and user data can be extracted.

Telegram supports the notions of free speech and democracy but some think that this can go too far if it causes harm. When challenged with such claims, Telegram often just doesn’t respond.

The bottom line is that there’s a lot of good stuff on Telegram but you’d be better off and more secure by removing it from your phone. 

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