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Be warned! Hackers are active on Telegram

All messaging platforms have been reporting an increased incidence of attempts to hack their customer’s accounts.

With the rising use of the Telegram messaging app, authorities have issued warnings to Telegram users encouraging them be alert and identify such attempts before it’s too late.

Hackers typically use stolen or false identities (sometimes famous, celebrity, or political identities) to allure the Telegram user to open a message that contains an attached virus-contaminated document, file, or image or to click a link within the message. Then, unfortunately, we all know what happens…  Other techniques they use is to impersonate someone trying to help you, like a customer service agent, or they may use an attractive marketing ploy or message to entice you into opening an attachment. You’d think we would have learnt by now to notice when something is not quite right in a message but these guys are so sneaky that they sometimes manage to beat our vigilance.    

There is no magic way to stop these malicious acts but the only possibly successful way to avoid becoming a victim is to verify the sender’s identity before opening an attachment or clicking a link.  Find a way to do this. If you don’t succeed or you have your doubts – and you can trust us on this – delete it from your device. It’s better to miss an opportunity than to beat yourself up because you had a momentary lapse in judgement. 

The miserable soul trying to hack your device is intent on stealing data from it or through it as well as activating the device’s camera and microphone to capture your activities and details.  

Telegram does indeed offer privacy and security settings that minimize this hacking activity and limit the risk of it happening, for example, its Two-Step Verification that adds an additional layer of security when logging into your account. 

What we are urging you to do is to stop and think before you open an attachment or click a link even though, on the surface, it looks legitimate.  Better safe than sorry! 

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