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7 Telegram Bots To Make Your Life Easy

Developed by the Russian tech entrepreneur Pavel Durov (who was also the developer of VK, the Russian counterpart of Facebook), Telegram is a messaging app that has slowly gained traction among smartphone users over the past few years.

Although, Telegram doesn’t have as much users as WhatsApp (1 billion vs 100 million), it still has a few tricks up its sleeve such as the increased privacy (MTProto Mobile Protocol), super groups, secret chats and more importantly, bots.

While at the surface, it seems like a better idea to have apps for different things, using bots can make it easier for you to access information and share it with others on Telegram. The third-party bots in Telegram certainly bring a whole lot of features, that give it an edge over the other instant messaging apps.

Here is our list of 7 Telegram bots to make your life easy:


  • @wiki



An inline bot which means you can type it directly in your chat thread and use it. All you need to do, is type “@wiki”, followed by the topic name. For example, “@wiki Netflix”, and a list of all the related Wikipedia articles will pop up.



  • @imdb



Want to have a quick look at the plot and other details of a movie that you and your friend want to watch? Just like the @imdb bot, all you need to do is type “@imdb” followed by the movie name and select a movie from the pop-out list. The information will be shared with your contact.



  • @gif



If you are someone who has a hard time expressing themselves with merely emojis, then welcome aboard. Allowing you to choose from GIPHY, the largest GIF catalogue on the internet, the @gif bot allows you to search for a GIF, by typing “@gif”, followed by the search query. The GIF can then be sent to your contact.



  • @bold



Sometimes, plain text is just not enough to grab someone’s attention. The “@bold” bot allows you to not only bold your letters but also choose from different formatting styles for your text like Italic.

All you need to do, is type “@bold”, choose the formatting style, and type the text that you want to send.



  • @storebot



To make sure that the next time, you don’t have to read articles like ours for finding useful bots in Telegram, you can use the @storebot which makes bot-hunting a lot of fun. There are two different ways of using the @storebot.

First, you can type it in your contact’s chat thread and tap on the bot name to share a link of it with your contact.

Second, you can type “@storebot” in the search thread and open a different chat thread with the bot in which you can search for different bots.

The simple interface and commands of the bot make bot-hunting easy, and a lot of fun.



  • @gamebot



Let’s face it, Facebook’s messenger has this feature but it’s not similar to Telegram in any way and for any Telegram user, games are an added advantage. Obviously, it doesn’t suck to show off your gaming skills in front of your friends, in games like Lumber Jack and Corsairs. To begin a game with your contact, just type @gamebot in the chat thread and choose a game. You can play in single player mode and later compare your scores with your contact.

There are also other game bots such as @Gamee_bot and @gamee with other various games.



  • @mokubot



And the last bot in our list, is the jack of all trades. The @mokubot allows you to get search results from Google Maps, Google Images, Google Translate, Google Search, YouTube, Wikipedia, Reddit, IMDb and a whole lot of other apps.

You can search for it from the search option in Telegram (the bot is named otouto).

And that’s it for today. You can always find more bots by using the @storebot and if you have found any that deserve to be in our list, tell us about them in the comment section below.

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