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How to Connect Telegram with ChatGPT: A Step-by-Step Guide
Anywhere 15/08/2023
In today’s digital age, integrating AI tools with messaging platforms like Telegram offers immense potential. If you’ve ever wondered how to link Telegram with ChatGPT, this guide is for you. 1. Preliminaries: You’ll need an OpenAI account. Ensure... read more
Israel 03/10/2021 Members
World & Middle East. breaking news, videos, and the latest top stories in world news, latest Middle East news from Israel, Iran, Iraq, Syria……. read more
Caldas Novas - GO 11/05/2021 Members Members
Esse é um processo de seleção para quem DESEJA de uma vez por todas criar do ZERO um negócio digital nível MESTRE mesmo que você seja um total inciante nesse mercado. Acesse agora e faça parte desse grupo seleto de alunos que tem começaram a empreender nesse mercado e... read more
Brazil 24/03/2021 Members Members
Saiba o que é o Espiritismo e encontre respostas para os grandes mistérios da Humanidade. Aprenda sobre o desconhecido. read more
More services in Telegram – but at a price
Anywhere 29/12/2020
The messaging app, Telegram, has wised up to the fact that money can be made from providing services. Albeit, Telegram offers many features free of charge – and we are assured these will remain free of charge – but Telegram has announced that they will launch pay-for... read more
Be warned! Hackers are active on Telegram
Anywhere 22/12/2020
All messaging platforms have been reporting an increased incidence of attempts to hack their customer’s accounts. With the rising use of the Telegram messaging app, authorities have issued warnings to Telegram users encouraging them be alert and identify such attempts... read more
Security & Privacy.  Not on Telegram
Anywhere 10/12/2020
What makes a social media app successful?  Usability?  Multiple features – maybe…  All this is fine and good but, ultimately, what sustains an app is its security. Telegram is a very cool app and has many uses but tight-clad security is not one of its best features.... read more
Google has gone and done it again!
Anywhere 07/12/2020
Google has added to its pile of functionalities, the ability to schedule a chat or to send a text message through its Google Messages app Around about this time, Google is gradually starting to offer users of their Google Messages app another feature: the capability... read more
Telegram Dictionary
Anywhere 16/11/2020
The most important terms in the telegram app Secret Chats Smartphone users can use Telegram’s cloud-based Secrets Chats feature to swap messages with one other device without the threat of a middleman attack or them being deciphered by someone else, thus ensuring... read more
Telegram offers us more features
Anywhere 02/11/2020
Improved live locations and playlist sharing, multiple pinned messages, and channel analytics Just when we thought Telegram was a super cool messaging app, it gets even cooler.  The Telegram mobile and desktop messaging app now offers its users a useful and fun set of... read more
Optimize Crypto Promotion with Telegram
Anywhere 24/12/2019
While the evolution of sales models keeps pointing to the development of online sales, the community around blockchain is no exception.  a secure platform that offers the ability to have encrypted conversations – is developing a blockchain version, and therefore,... read more
Tips for your Telegram App
Anywhere 03/11/2019
The instant messaging application Telegram is known around the world for its multiple advantages. First of all, it offers the users the ability to have encrypted conversations, and therefore, ensures a high level of confidentiality of the exchanges. Second, it is... read more
Telegram Popularity Spreading At An Unimaginable Rate. Why?
Anywhere 21/05/2019
Telegram is a free instant messaging app, with hundreds of millions of users around the world. Telegram provides a means for fast and secure messaging and calls.  Messages, photos, videos, and files can be sent to unlimited numbers of people.  It is suitable for both... read more
Telegram and the Universal Delete Function
Anywhere 21/04/2019
Telegram is a free messaging app, with its popularity growing exponentially around the world. However, Telegram’s newest feature is raising some strong concerns.  This feature allows a user to delete messages from their own mailbox as well as the mailboxes of... read more
7 Telegram Bots To Make Your Life Easy
Anywhere 21/04/2019
Developed by the Russian tech entrepreneur Pavel Durov (who was also the developer of VK, the Russian counterpart of Facebook), Telegram is a messaging app that has slowly gained traction among smartphone users over the past few years. Although, Telegram doesn’t have... read more

Anywhere 15/07/2018
Telegram is an amazing instant messaging app that has an edge over its rivals, mainly due to a single factor: privacy. The privacy that Telegram offers, thanks to its MTProto protocol, remains to be unrivaled, as claimed by its developers. And that is what we’ll be... read more
10 Most Powerful Categories in Telegram
Anywhere 03/07/2018
Telegram is an instant messaging app that has made its name among the users for a single reason: it’s simple. In a world where our apps just meant for messaging, are getting options for adding posts, stories and what not, Telegram stands out by allowing you to do one... read more
Why Did Iran And Russia Block Telegram?
Anywhere 25/06/2018
A few years back, the Russian counterpart of Facebook, VK was taken over by the Russian government which made its developer Pavel Durov leave the country, although he did take a hefty sum of money with him. Developed by the same Pavel Durov, Telegram is an instant... read more
Telegram Blocked By The Russian Government
Anywhere 13/05/2018
While Telegram may not be the most popular instant messaging app on the stores, it stands to be the most trusted one, when it comes to chat encryption. The specialty is the end-to-end encryption, which means that, even if the data that you have sent, is intercepted by... read more
The difference between Telegram groups and Telegram channels
Anywhere 10/05/2018
Telegram, is the world’s 9th topmost instant messaging app. While it can not match the Facebook-acquired messaging giant WhatsApp, Telegram has a lot of tricks up its sleeve which make it stand out. These tricks, rather, features, give Telegram an edge over the other... read more
TON – Telegram’s New Cryptocurrency
Anywhere 22/02/2018
nstant messaging apps have made quite a buzz in the world of applications, smartphones and computers. Be it WhatsApp, Messenger, Hike, Kik, Snapchat (which is way more than an IM) have a lot of features to offer, to give you a unique experience and make your life... read more
Telegram and the Universal Delete Function
Anywhere 18/02/2018
Telegram, while it’s not the top instant messenger available on mobile platforms, and remains second to WhatsApp, it’s special in its own ways. We’d rather prefer saying that there are certain areas in which Telegram simply outclasses WhatsApp. Be it it’s protocol... read more
How To Create A Bot In Telegram
Anywhere 23/01/2018
Bots have always been the limelight in Telegram, which sets it apart, and years ahead of its competitors. Given the fact that bots, that too developed by third-party developers, have existed on it for such a long time, its bot ecosystem is far more developed than... read more
Different Ways You Can Use Telegram
Anywhere 28/12/2017
While the messaging app Telegram may pale in comparison to WhatsApp when it comes to the user base, it still shines as being the fastest messaging app with a protocol that’s been touted as unbreakable. While the messaging app Telegram may pale in comparison to... read more
מי הם המשתמשים בטלגרם?
Anywhere 12/12/2017
  ולא לא מדובר בטלגרם שהיה טרם עידן הטלפון, אלא באפליקציה שמותאמת קצת יותר לתקופתנו כיום. אז למי שלא יודע, טלגרם הינה אפליקציה של מערכת מסרים מיידים (בדומה לווצאפ), רק שאצלה הדגש הרחב ביותר על פרטיות המשתמשים. דרך האפליקציה ניתן לשלוח מסרים כמו טקסט, תמונות... read more
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