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What is telegram?

Telegram is an instant messaging system that emphasizes privacy. The messages (pictures, video files, Download links, software, etc.) that transfer in the app’s channels, groups and private chats are highly encrypted. In Telegram, other users can not receive any details or know anything about the person in the other side. Except for the nickname a user defined, no detail is exposed.

What is the difference between channels and groups?

In the Telegraph group, all users can chat, transfer files and messages, including the manager. In contrast to the Telegram channel, only those defined as an admin can share messages, files, etc., and the rest of the users can consume the content but not respond.

Why there are bots in Telgram?

Bot is a type of “automated user” that can help users filter content in a group or channel and direct them to the relevant contant or place. Telegraph is one of the first application to integrate bots into the interface and since then the use of bots only increases. So, How to create a bot? In a Few simple steps. you can also use existing bots that are offered online for your personal use.

New Channels, Bots And Groups On Board


Example: New York 15/10/2019 Members
Only sex videos


Example: New York/Ghana/Germany 15/10/2019 Members
Make betting an income not gambling


worldwide 15/10/2019 Members Members


Example: New York 15/10/2019 Members Members
Betting master: @KBD_13 ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ I do not promise that I will make...
Example: New York 15/10/2019 Members
Hello everyone Interested in making money from betting? We are here to help you with Premium or Free Picks Join our telegram channel now and start earning money We are waiting for a new members

mukund kumar

india 15/10/2019 Members Members
On our channel we provide amazon and Flipkart product link. Many people Don’t Know how to save money while Shopping.

Center bet

Example: New York 15/10/2019 Members
Welcome Group bet for all Best betting group Joined please با عرض سلام وخوشامدگویی به گپ پیشبینی وهمفکری مسابقات ورزشی خوش اومدین بهترین سایت سایت معتبر وبینظیر وپیشنهادی...

Make It Easy

INDIA 15/10/2019 Members
1. Premium Accounts Giveway 2. Paid Games for FREE 3. Paid Software for FREE 4. Hacking Tools for FREE 5. UDEMY Courses for FREE 6. Hacking tools and courses for FREE 7. Latest Movies 8. Web Series 9. Earning Tricks 10. Trading and Investment Plans 11. Expensive Paid...


Uzbekistan 15/10/2019 Members Members
I do not promise that I will make you millionaires, but I will help you make money💪 I regularly give In Play and Pre-Match games⚽️🏒🎾🎮 Remember nothing comes easy☝️ Work hard again,...

Benon mbogo

Uganda 15/10/2019 Members Members
Sometimes we tend to focus on the Current religious status not knowing we had our own religions back before christ
World 15/10/2019 Members
Zero fees and scalable. Meet the blockchain that will help your project stand out and flourish.
India 15/10/2019 Members
Bett with trust


Morocco 15/10/2019 Members
Finest reggae music – mostly roots, lovers, female, african, and dub – brought to you by KaliFire.
Example: New York 15/10/2019 Members
Instagram engagement group for photographer and artist accounts only. Interact with related accounts and a like-minded community.


Example: New York/Ghana/Germany 15/10/2019 Members
join us for 2 days and testify your self


Earth 15/10/2019 Members
We give 100% free live Games.


India 15/10/2019 Members Members
Your final destination for shoping
United States 06/10/2019 Members
Come to chat about all sports, super active during games! Chill and funny environment and you can talk about anything, not just sports as well. Tell us you’re from the site if you decide to join!
america 06/10/2019 Members
content related to islam

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